Our patented Australian designed and manufactured hughie sink solves all your water saving problems around the home– from the Kitchen to the Laundry, Bathroom and Shower! By using this water saving device called the hughie sink around the home, you too will be able to capture up to 80% of all grey water wasted. So don’t be a drip – reuse every drop!

This Australian invention comes at a time when our country is in the grip of the worst drought in living memory; with most states under sever water restrictions. All Australians are working together with the environment to conserve every precious drop of water. Our hughie sink is specially designed to help all Aussies in their efforts to do their best to help the country and its environment. The hughie sink has been used for any number of applications, including:

•Kitchen Rinse Sink
•Laundry tub saver
•Collecting rain water
•To wash pets
•The car
•Gardening and watering requirements
•The family Caravan