In 2001 we reached a milestone by shipping our one millionth fan and expect to reach the 2 million mark in July of 2006. The products produced by the fan division have expanded over the years so that currently several models are produced. Products are marketed primarily to the recreation vehicle industry worldwide. Shipments are made to 5 continents. Products are sold to original equipment manufacturers and to aftermarket customers through dealers and distributors.

Although the product has had many improvements and convenience features added over the years, the basic purpose remains unchanged. We set out to build a high performance product which operated quietly and economically; an appliance which was easy to install and operate, had components which would endure the rigors of high usage yet was affordable to consumers at every level.

Users tell us that their Fan-Tastic Vent(s) are the second most used appliance in the rig. Cool clean fresh air, which can be exchanged in seconds, is a very important objective for users. Add-ons like in and out air flow switches, thermostats, rain sensors, wall mounted controls are great convenience features but the capability of the fan to move up to almost 1000 cubic feet of air every minute and give the users a comfortable environment day and night is our primary feature.