The design of the Cobb Portable Grill originated with safety in mind. An innovation straight out of Africa, the Cobb was initially designed as a cooking system for people in rural areas without access to electricity so they could cook in a safer environment, with less danger of out of control fires. The first proto type of the grill was a ceramic sphere-shaped device that cooked well, but was heavy and cumbersome. The initial fuel source for the Cobb was dry corn cobs, abundant in rural Africa, hence the grill’s name. The unit has been refined over and over, and the result is a small, eco-friendly, portable and incredibly efficient barbecue. Compressed charcoal briquettes – a universal commodity, have replaced the corn cobs.

The Cobb has taken over five years to get to the point it is today. The Cobb has certainly created a following for itself. The Cobb most certainly does ‘make life easier’

With the possible distribution of the Cobb Cooker in third world countries through international aid organizations, it is hoped that it will some day contribute to a reduction in deforestation, injury and loss of life and property from primitive and dangerous cooking methods.

The all new fully Stainless Steel Cobb Premier will last for years, since there are no parts that can rust, break or wear out.