Premier Fosters is an Australian company which specialises in gas safety products. Premier Fosters has a history of success in the LP Gas industry spanning almost 30 years.

Starting in the late '70's filling gas cylinders for the public, the business grew to the point where by 1981 it was recognised as one of the biggest individual suppliers of LP Gas in New South Wales. It became obvious from these early experiences that there were three central concerns facing LP gas consumers:

How safe is LP Gas ?
What happens when a major leak or failure occurs ?
How do you tell when the bottle is low on gas ?

The result was the invention of the Gasfuse, a product that has subsequently met with enormous success and commendation. Premier-Fosters Pty Ltd focused on developing and marketing the Gasfuse with headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Gasfuse is now recognised as the only product available today that will shutoff the flow of gas completely in case of a hose rupture.

Gasfuse Emergency Shutoff LPG Gauge
Gasfuse Emergency Shutoff LPG Gauge
Quickly check for gas leaks. Eliminate gas waste, good for the environment Gas Level Gauge Precision made gas level gauge with luminescent - night glow dial face
Price: $49.00